Term Time Coaching

Junior Coaching is available for all age-groups and abilities


Tots tennis

Ages 2 - 4 yrs

  • Fun activity based classes indoors
  • Develop agility, balance and coordination through a number of progressive exercises
  • Develop racket and ball skills
  • Fun team games



Mini Red

Ages 5 - 8 yrs

  • Smaller courts with shorter rackets  and softer balls
  • Develop key motor skills
  • Structured lessons learning all the fundamental strokes  in tennis
  • Learn to score and play a match

Mini Orange

Ages 8 - 9 yrs

  • Larger court, larger rackets and more pressurized balls
  • More emphasis on footwork and refining strokes technically
  • Increasing tactical awareness in match play situations



mini green

Ages 9 - 10 yrs

  • Full size court playing with more pressurized balls
  • Continual work on refining technique and movement patterns
  • More focus on matchplay
  • Learn tactics and strategic patterns of play

full tennis

Ages 11 - 18 yrs

  • Full size court and adult balls
  • Regular drills to improve strokes & technique
  • Improved understanding of matchplay & tactical awareness
  • Open to attend to club Cardio & Blood, Sweat & Tears sessions. Book online

private coaching

Private coaching - 1:1 or a joint session with one of the team of coaches is available.

Prices vary according to group size and duration.