Schools Programme

Richard Whichello worked at Wimbledon (AELTC) with their grass roots tennis programme (WJTI), working in a number of inner city schools. The work was deeply fulfilling. He realised that the importance of giving children the opportunity to try tennis at a young age was best served through delivering curriculum tennis in primary schools. Over the past 10 years WAM Tennis has brought tennis coaching to more than 20 different schools across the Borough.

Along with Curriculum tennis, we run after school clubs. This presents a great opportunity to introduce them to Club tennis whey they can further their development and take advantage of the facilities and events.


Curriculum Tennis

The content of the curriculum classes focuses on teaching the children the key technical foundations in tennis with structured and progressive lessons. Many of the drills and exercises emphasis key motor skills (agility, balance and co-ordination). This not only helps their development curve stay steep for tennis, but will contribute greatly to other sports they participate in.



Some of our affiliated schools participate in tournaments. Bickley Primary School won the Kent inter Schools Championship on 2 occasions.

Pictured above is the victorious team from 2014.


Would you like some Tennis Coaching at your school?

If you are interested in having some curriculum tennis coaching, or perhaps an after School Club, please get in touch with Richard Whichello, who will happily come and meet with you to discuss this further.