Sundridge park membership

We fully encourage players to become members of Sundridge Park to enable them to take advantage of all the facilities and events that are provided.

Upon joining the coaching programme non-members are allowed to attend 6 lessons paying a £2 non-members fee. After this you will be required to join the Club.

There is a coaching only membership which is £60 for the year, this allows you attend midweek (Monday-Friday) group coaching (between 9am and 5pm).

There are a variety of membership options available. Below, you will find more information on membership rates, plus a membership form, that can be returned to the Sundridge Park Administrative Office.

For more information please contact Simon Tyrrell Lewis on 0208 464 9106 or email


Non-members can attend coaching sessions for 6 weeks. An additional £2 will be added to the standard members class price. After 6 week non-members will need to continue under a membership of their choosing. Please see above for Membership Rates.

Non-members who wish to attend Blood, Sweat & Tears or Fit 4 Tennis are more than welcome to do so at a cost of £2 extra/class for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, should participants wish to continue, they will need to join Sundridge Park under a membership of their choosing (*note an Off Peak and Coaching Membership will not apply in these circumstances as these sessions are after 6pm in the evening and/ or at the weekend).

adult term-time group coaching

£7.50/1hour lesson

£8.50/1hour 15mins

£9.50/ 1hour 30mins